Quarterly Fire Drill Program for Michigan Adult Foster Care Providers

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Committed to helping you maintain fire safety....

This service is available to adult foster care providers in the Michigan Counties of:

1.  Livingston

2.  Macomb

3.  Monroe

4.  Oakland

5.  St. Clair

6.  Washtenaw

7.  Wayne

 DeliveryWe visit the home three, (3) times per quarter on a different shift. We conduct the Fire Drill and time the evacuation. (Video used if requested and resident representatives have agreed)

3.    We generate the log *(Click Here for Sample Log) on our tablet while in the home and print right there for you or send it via email. We repeat until the 3-minute evacuation time is reached.

Generally within four hours the product is sent to you via email. This could be longer on weekends and holidays.


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