Care First Monthly Mutli-Faceted Consultative Agreement

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This is a special consultative agreement wherein our officers are available for as noted in the applicable Agreement:

  1. Billing
  2. Care
  3. Regulatory response
  4. Legal, (not requiring legal advice)
  5. Development of special agreements- Staff, contractors, residents, special circumstances
  6. Insurance reimbursement consulting, action plans and adjuster follow-up
  7. General treatment planning and execution
  8. Nurse Treatment Plans
  9. Regulatory inspection and preparation, including fire safety
  10. Unlimited staff training on-line including health & safety (CPR/First Aid)
  11. Up to four, (4) live in-service sessions annually
  12. Special problem solving - CONFIDENTIAL service
  13. Mobile Secretary - Which allows for the creation of special correspondences and form creation

14.         14.  Completion of licensing required Incident Reports

  1. Marketing communications – To include a monthly newsletter to the case management and PIP legal communities via email and U.S. Mail serving SE Michigan
  2. Follow-up communications that build relationships
  3. Introductory correspondences to attorneys, case managers and others as requested
  4. Web edits
  5. Set-up for conference/event display as requested
  6. Unlimited Idea sessions
  7. Staff access to Direct Care Training personnel for any idea sessions on any subject

Agreement expires December 31, 2019.