Direct Care Worker Annual Training Subscription - 21-50 Employees


This is a subscription based product for large group homes in Michigan who tend to have 20+ employees.  This subscription allows you access to our curriculum for direct care staff.  This includes utilizing:

  1. Online School
  2. Printable Self-Study Products
  3. Live Monthly On-Line Sessions  (Schedule provided in advance to subscribers)

Subjects include all those required in State of Michigan Administrative Rule such as:

  1. Resident Rights
  2. Person Centered Planning with Gentle Teaching
  3. Basic Medication Administration
  4. Prevention & Containment of Communicable Disease
  5. Reporting Requirements:  Documentation Integrity
  6. Rendering Personal Care Safely and With Dignity
  7. Prohibited Practices

Licensee is allowed to duplicate our copyrighted manual as well as the review questions to use for internal sessions.  In addition 25 in-service outlines are provided, most designed to be covered in 30-minutes or less as an added tool to polish and develop your team.

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