• Finding Success in a Crowded Marketplace - Home Care, Adult Day and Group Living

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    Imagine entering the business of adult day services, home care or group living in a large metropolitan area.  Perhaps in America it is Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Miami or New York.  Perhaps there are tons of other providers doing the same thing and all who are relatively new are in a race to attract that first client and remain relevant.

    The pertinent questions are how do you remain relevant and viable amidst all of this noise?  How do you attract and serve multiple clients, including those whose services are Medicaid and/or Medicare reimbursed, without being accused of improper solicitation while maintaining a ladder of growth that can sustain you and finance your retirement?

    In special sections inside of all of our Success in Care Manuals we provide specific strategies that are not theories, but tested and designed to show you how to gain an edge, polish that edge and benefit from that edge while not crossing any lines.

    You receive not only all three, (3) manuals as digital files ready to read and use immediately, which are:

    1. The Complete Guide to Developing and Operating Group Living
    2. Home Care Business Development and Operations Manual
    3. The Complete Guide to Success in Adult Day Healthcare,

    but also invites to two, (2) monthly webinars for three, (3) months wherein these strategies are discussed in grand detail with special guests who know what they are talking about.  This includes owners of what we call "specialized programs" wherein reimbursement for group living and private duty home care tops $500.00 per day, per person cared for while serving people with dignity, clinical competence and compassion.

    Start your day with proven strategies effective now....