Special File Completion Training for Michigan Adult Foster Care Administrators and License Designees

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This is a special product that allows current AFC licensees to ensure they have the required preliminary training when it is requested from licensing.  It appears it is even being requested from seasoned, experienced operators based on State of Michigan Administrative Rule 400.14201/04/04. 

These available subjects include:

  1. Prevention & Containment of Communicable Disease
  2. Person-Centered Planning
  3. Effective Fire Safety and Prevention
  4. Resident Rights
  5. Effective Financial & General Management
  6. Medication Administration - Administrative
  7. CPR
  8. First Aid

Once your purchase is made, these products are sent via email as a PDF file.  Instructions are included for how to return the review questions.  Once you return the review questions, your validation of completion can be issued.

Important Links:

How to Return Review Questions