Course #1183 - Managing Racial Prejudice Among Group Home Residents

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This is a continuing education item for group homes.  That could be an Adult Foster Care Home in Michigan or Indiana, an Adult Family Care Home in Florida, a Personal Care Home in Georgia or other residential program in any jurisdiction.  You will want to ensure that your licensing department does not specify from whom you can receive your CEUs before you purchase this product.

Discover the transformative power of fostering inclusivity and harmony within the diverse realm of group homes through our course, "Managing Group Home Environments in the Presence of Racial Prejudice." As custodians of well-being, group home owners and staff play a pivotal role in nurturing an environment where every resident can thrive. Yet, the complexities posed by racial prejudice can present significant challenges to even the most compassionate settings.

This course provides actionable strategies and approaches designed to empower group home professionals in effectively managing instances of racial prejudice. By addressing these challenges head-on, owners and staff can promote personal growth, positive relationships, and an atmosphere of unity.

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