Course #1188 Things to Consider When Contemplating Expanding Your Business

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This is a continuing education item for group homes.  That could be an Adult Foster Care Home in Michigan or Indiana, an Adult Family Care Home in Florida, a Personal Care Home in Georgia or other residential program in any jurisdiction.  You will want to ensure that your licensing department does not specify from whom you can receive your CEUs before you purchase this product.

 In today's dynamic and evolving landscape, group homes have emerged as vital pillars in providing essential care and support to diverse communities. Whether you're an experienced entrepreneur within the healthcare or social services sector, a current group home owner with aspirations of scaling your operations, or an individual enticed by the potential of entering this enriching industry, this course is meticulously crafted to equip you with the knowledge and strategies essential for orchestrating successful expansion endeavors.

This course unveils an array of insights and practical approaches designed to guide you through the process of scaling group home businesses effectively.

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