• Alaska Adult Day Care Training & Staff Orientation

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    This is a subscription product for Alaska adult day care providers.  It allows you an online mechanism to provide orientation for new staff and ongoing development for team members providing care in your center.  The subjects comply with state requirements which are published as:

    Adult Day Services Conditions of Participation   
    COP-01 (Rev. 9/5/17)

    1. The provider must provide orientation and training to direct service workers to ensure they are qualified to perform the services planned for recipients.

    2. The provider must provide training to direct service workers in regard to the following, at a minimum:

    a. safety in the workplace, including proper use of tools and equipment; 

    b. maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy workplace environment;

    c. universal precautions and basic infection control procedures;

    d. fall prevention, assistance with mobility, and body mechanics relating to safe transferring; and

    e. understanding the needs of the population to be served, including i. the needs of individuals with dementia; ii. nutrition, hydration, and special diet needs; and iii. monitoring overall health and well-being.

    3. The provider must instruct direct service workers to notify the program manager, the supervisor, or the appropriate authority, when there is cause for concern about a recipient’s health, safety, or welfare. 

    The courses in this package cover each.  Please note ordering here results in receiving the printable manual.  Most prefer the subscription package that allows staff to sue their computers, smartphones or tablets totake the courses as requested by their employer in the online school.  

    Click Here to view in the school. When that purchase is made in the school, we issue you a Coupon Code that you give staff to use so they are not asked to pay when completing training.

    Click Here for Adult Day Care State Published Licensing Guidelines

    Delivery: You are ordering a printable product. Generally within four hours the product is sent to you via email along with instructions for how to return the review questions for validation of completion. This could be longer on weekends and holidays. If you prefer to use the online school please browse the library at: directcaretrng.pathwright.com. 

     More details by email only: info@directcaretraining.com or onlinelearning@directcaretraining.com.

     Reminder You are ordering a printable, self-study product.  

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