• Course #1193 - Child and Adult Protective Services Workers: Responding to Acts of Aggression and Violence While Discharging Your Job Duties

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    This is a printable course for Child and Adult Protective Services workers.  It addresses assessing risk, managing aggression, applicable laws and methods for using pepper spray and more. 

    The Content...

    Content Breakdown – Midwest Edition

    Chapter 1 - Lesson A: The Introduction

    Chapter 1 - Lesson B: The Importance of Training in Self-Protection; Meaningful Safeguards

    Chapter 1 - Lesson C: The Vital Role of Compassion and Empathy in the Investigative Process

    Chapter 2: Appropriate Responses

    • Chapter 2 - Lesson A: Responding to Aggression Strategically
    • Chapter 2 - Lesson B:   Assessing Potential Danger: A Risk Detection Guide for Protective Services Workers

    Chapter 3: The Common Triggers

    • Chapter 3 - Lesson A: Triggers Common for Child Protective Services Workers
    • Chapter 3 - Lesson B: Triggers Common for Adult Protective Services Workers

    Chapter 4: Responding; But How...

    • Chapter 4 - Lesson A: When is it Proper to Use Pepper Spray
    • Chapter 4 - Lesson B: How is Pepper Spray To Be Used?
    • Chapter 4 - Lesson C: Applicable Laws in the Midwest (Pepper Spray)

    Chapter 5 - The Review

    • Chapter 5 - Lesson A: Review Questions


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