Basic Medication Training for Unlicensed Personnel in Georgia's Personal Care and Other Assisted Living Homes

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This is an annual subscription that provides Basic Medication Administration Training with a Supervisor's Skill Assessment Outline for Personal Care Homes and other Assisted Living venues in the State of Georgia.  With this product you can train an unlimited number of staff annually and send the review questions to us and allow our staff to have a role in polishing your personnel.  The focus is on assistance with self-administered medications by unlicensed personnel.

Table of Contents:

1. Course Introduction                                                              

2.  How are meds to be defined and administered?              

3. What could go wrong?                                                         

4.  Medication affects on the human body                             

5.  How can you learn about specific medications?              

6. “Nevers” Associated with Medication Administration       

7.  Basic Medication Security Principles                                    

8. When a Medication Should Not be Given                          

9. What Constitutes a Medication Error

10. Major Routes, Dosage Forms and Med Storage                 

11. Handling “AS Needed” Medications, PRN                          

12. Making Arrangement for when the Resident is Away        

13. Common Medication Abbreviations, Routes, Terms          

14. Medication Labels and Documentation Basics                 

15. Missed Medication Procedure                                             

16. General Procedure for Administering Oral Medications    

17. General Procedure for Administering Topical Meds          

18. General Procedure for Administering Eye Drops                

19. General Procedure for Administering Ear Drops                 

20. General Procedure for Administering Nose Spray/Drops   

21. General Procedure for Administering Rectal Meds            

22. General Procedure for Administering Vaginal Meds          

23. 5 Rights of Passing Medications                                           

24. Review Questions.

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