• Business Forms Kit for Care Providers

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    This is a forms kit that can be used by all care providers.  This includes adult day care, adult foster care, personal care homes and other care providers.  These forms do not replace the need for competent legal counsel.  However, they can add to your level of regulatory compliance and uniformity of organization.

    1. Durable Power of Attorney
    2. Do Not Resuscitate Order
    3. Corporate Bylaws
    4. Visitor Logs
    5. Fax Cover with Confidentiality Statement
    6. Expense Report
    7. Employee Sign-In Form
    8. Sample Press Release
    9. Consent to Use Cameras for Employees, Residents and Clients
    10. Consent to Use Electric Bed with Railings - These are often considered restraints
    11. Consent for Photo Usage in Marketing
    12. Consent to Discuss Resident Health with Medical Personnel

    These forms can be used in adult day care, adult foster care, personal care homes and other care venues.

    Note that these forms are not designed to replace or have the same value as competent legal advice.

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