Direct Care Worker Multi-User Annual Subscription

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Each year the cost is only $469.95 or less than about $.78 cents per day and you may use our products to train up to 20 persons in any calendar year using our online school and printable self-study products, all approved for usage for Michigan Adult Foster Care providers.  Allow each user to complete the review questions and send to us for validation.

These subjects are designed to polish direct care staff in adult foster care, adult family care home and similar care environments.  Subjects include:

  1. Reporting Requirements:  Documentation Integrity - Including Handling Critical Incidents
  2. Prevention & Containment of Communicable Disease:  Blood Borne Pathogens
  3. Sanitary Kitchen Management that Prevents Disease
  4. Effective Fire Safety & Prevention
  5. Working with People I:  Person Centered Planning
  6. Rendering Personal Care Safely and With Dignity:  Resident Protection
  7. Responding to Emergencies
  8. Basic Medication Administration
  9. Resident/Recipient Rights and How These Relate to a Resident's Civil Liberties
  10. Working with People II - Rendering Personal Care Safely and With Dignity

We have now added pre-licensing and community mental health requested course:  The Value of Gentle Teaching as part of Course 1123 - How Best to Deal with Difficult People and Situations.

A practical guide that provides clinically appropriate advice on managing behaviors in staff and those served in both group living and adult day health care environments.

  1. How Our Approach to Complaints Could Dampen Hostility
  2. Why Taking Responsibility Can Diffuse Situations
  3. Why a Proactive Approach Could Prevent Unwarranted Hostility

Utilizing products such as these not only assist you in maintaining regulatory compliance but helps reduce liability and heightens the effectiveness of your staff.

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