The Mobile Secretary - Professional Communication and Billing Services for Care Providers

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You could be receiving an email reminder that looks like this:

This is the monthly subscription version. Think of the number of correspondence items you need in the course of operating an adult day care, a medical practice, home health agency or group living business.  With this service you get seven, (7) correspondences per month.

It might be:

  1. A Corrective Action Plan in response to regulatory citations or violations 
  2. Billing for no-fault and worker's compensation cases up to 3 cases/residents monthly. (Medicare billing not included)
  3. A special kind of Plan of Care and Daily Routine you need to develop for a resident or home care client with highly specialized needs
  4. A letter of thanks to someone who recently expressed interest in your business 
  5. Press Release
  6. Sales Correspondence
  7. Incident Report

You pay $189.95 per month. Compare that to the cost of a full-time or part-time secretary on your payroll. Plus from the Mobile Secretary page of you can order what you need on-line.

Please note this is not about some cookie-cutter peddling of templates.  Our goal is to assist you in improving your internal governance by improving your level and timeliness of correspondence and in the process complement your operation.

This means that if you need to develop a Corrective Action Plan we first read the entire complaint.  We contact you by phone, discuss it and ensure that what we propose as a means of correction is in accordance with applicable stature or rule.  In addition we seek to ensure you are comfortable that any commitments made via the Plan match your ability and willingness to add to how you govern.

Once you make your purchase here you are emailed an account number.  This allows you to request our consultation which allows us to create what you need rather specifically.  Its that simple.

Peace of mind and regulatory compliance can be powerful friends.  Click Here for a printed Product Release Document and Explanation.